Supplier Code of Conduct


At Live Telco we are committed to conducting business in a responsible and ethical manner. We expect our suppliers to share this commitment and to adhere to the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and social responsibility. This Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the principles and expectations we have for our suppliers.

1. Ethical Conduct
2. Labor and Human Rights
3. Health and Safety
4. Environmental Responsibility
5. Business Integrity
6. Supply Chain Responsibility
7. Reporting and Compliance
By doing business with us, you acknowledge and agree to comply with this Supplier Code of Conduct. We expect our suppliers to promote and uphold the principles outlined herein and to work collaboratively with us to ensure ethical and responsible business practices throughout our supply chain.
Failure to adhere to this Code of Conduct may result in corrective action, including the termination of our business relationship.
This Code of Conduct is subject to periodic review and updates.

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