Whether you opt for a Reseller model, an agent or offer to co-partner, you can rely on us to service your end customer but under different options :
1. White label
you may want to chose to put forward your own label/company brand while actually relying on Live Telco. We would provide you with editable proposals which would allow you to apply your changes. Also for all pre-sales activities, we would be joining customer calls and physical meetings under your banner.
2. Prime
Depending on the opportunity, you may want to either prime the deal and take all the contractual liabilities with the customer (although some would be back to back), or act as a sales channel and ask us to prime the deal directly with your support in the back-end. Pricing will be a joint agreement.
3. Roles and Responsibilities
you may want to add value to the delivery and operational levels and deliver your own capabilities while asking Live Telco to provide a portion of the service, or may decide to shift on us the entire scope of work and responsibilities.
Overall, partnering with us is based on a win-win situation where we bring expertise/service adding to your portfolio and increasing your relevance with the client, while, you bring the opportunity and able to drive is until closure.

Live Telco will provide you with a set of tools :

  • Co-management of your sales teams and sales activities with a regular check-point call in
    reviewing pipeline, agreeing on strategy and tactic per customer
  • Provide you with our resources and expertise in order to support you at the technical &
    operational levels when building your proposal
  • Participate in customer meetings with you under your banner
  • Templates, presentations and other marketing collaterals

Description of the different models

Prime with the customer
Live Telco primes the contract
Both reseller and Live Telco sign independently with the customer
Client pays the resellers which in return pays Live Telco

Client pays Live Telco
while Live Telco pays a
5% commission on
customer payment at the bank to the agent as long as the agent remains involved

Both invoices and billing are independently done
Prime with the customer
Live Telco primes the contract
Both reseller and Live Telco sign independently with the customer
Live Telco is liable to the Reseller
Live Telco is liable to the client
Live telco is liable to the client its portion of the scope
Business Engagement

End customer liaises
with the Reseller
which in turn liaises
with Live Telco

Live Telco liaises
directly with the client
and keeps the agent
in the loop

Parallel engagements
Technical engagement

Live Telco can engage
directly with the client
or with the reseller.
To be defined

Live Telco engages
directly with the end

Parallel engagements

What we are expecting from a partner

– Qualify the sales opportunities first
– Introduces existing clients
– Support in delivering/project management
– Dedicate sales resources and senior support


What can the partner expect from Live Telco

– Technical support and proposals on qualified leads
– Train partner’s sales team technically and commercially
– Availability to travel and meet customers when needed
– Lock the opportunity to the partner only
– Participate in marketing events

Thank you for considering Live Telco as your trusted partner. We look forward to the opportunity of working together and achieving great things.

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