Sell into the MEA region

Live Telco helps you to sell in the Middle East & Africa region including East Mediterranean
Live Telco has exclusive access to almost all Telecom Operators in this regional patch where we are based and daily interactions with key CEO, CxO or lower levels of all Telecom Operators.
We are extremely well connected and can help you get access to key customers. We do also have a strong access to large companies in the region such as Airlines or Finance sector.
Depending of how well you know the region and well integrated, Live Telco can help you to sell without wasting time of funds. We are driven by consultative selling for qualified opportunities without wasting time.
Middle East, Africa, East Med Europe, Pakistan but also other developing countries

WE defined four pasts of our Sales cycle

  • Cold calls
  • Go to Exhibitions
  • Work with Vendors
  • Respond to RFP
  • Farm accounts
  • Meet clients
  • Ensure its serious
  • Know the win price
  • Meet the client
  • Know decision makers
  • Control timelines
  • Lock requirement
  • Build Proposal
  • Do a POC
  • Align near final price
  • Workshops and meetings
  • Submit proposal
  • Meet CxO, supporters
  • Negotiate hard
  • Use relationships
  • Use reciprocal business
  • Lead and sign

Live Telco’s main differences are our existing relationships, our deep understanding of our patch and capability to get you in.

We can help you at each stage of the sales cycle by getting trained on your products and introducing you to our customer base.

What We Offer

Option 1:
We intervene at CLOSE stage – we charge a success fee.
  • We ensure that your proposal gets at the highest level of the organisation, and start
    triggering our network.
  • We would physically meet the client, re-organise workshops, meetings and travel when
    needed. We would negotiate every term and condition, price and make sure we close the
    deal for you.
  • Whether we prime the deal, or you prime the deal, we will agree on a success fees.
  • We can also bundle your product with ours and provide on site operations once signed
Option 2:
We intervene also at HUNT stage – we charge a monthly fee + success fee on deal signature
  • We will allocate a resource whether full time, or part time to promote your product.
    •  Different budgets
      • Resource can be in the UAE, working from our office – can be senior,
        intermediate or junior
      • Resource can be in a remote location also at our offices

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