Subsea Capacity


Subsea Capacity

Get access to hundred of Subsea Capacity consortiums through Live Telco at a reduced target price.


We only engage with Operators which have over forecasted their consumption and which are now in a situation where they do not consume this extra capacity. Rather than incurring a recurring loss, we offer to offload this unused capacity and share it with our network of Operators which may have a requirement.

This is applicable as LEASING or as MIU transfers

Centrally managed

One invoice, one support, one account manager

Urgent activation

Site activated almost anywhere swiftly

Cost effective

No contingencies, overheads or hidden costs


Get guidance when needed. It's free and part of our service

We do also SWAP capacities as per the example below :
  • Operator A has 5 Millions of MIU unused on cable 1
  • Operator B has a requirement of 2 Million MIU on cable 2
  • Operator C has a requirement on cable 1 but capacity to offer on cable 2
  • Live telco intervenes and
    • acquire the capacity on Cable 1 from Operator A
    • delivers the capacity of Cable 1 to Operator C. Operator C pays Live Telco
    • Live Telco then buys the capacity of cable 2 from Operator C and delivers to Operator B
  • These complex multi swap deals are not seen by the Operator and happens in the background under Live Telco. This allows us to provide certain rates below market prices and allows us to deliver capacity rapidly

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